Now Playing: The SARAS Dream (A DVD Documentary). Released on 2004 to commemorate
  • Description:  This comprehensive documentary is a DVD presentation highlighting the significant efforts made by NAL in sowing the seed of developing a viable civil aviation industry for India. This documentary is divided into the following sections (a) SARAS-DREAM (1985-1995). The design and development of a Light Transport Aircraft took off with the visionary Prof. Satish Dhawan, former Chairman NAL RC and former Chairman, ISRO and NAL’s Director, Prof. Roddam Narasimha. Prof. Dhawan called for an Air Taxi Operators meeting at NAL chaired by him on 4 June 1990. On 10 July 1990 the NAL team met the various industrialists and it was decided that a multi-role light transport offered the best prospects. A detailed LTA feasibility report was prepared in 1990 by the erstwhile Civil Aviation Unit. Demand for SARAS was ascertained. Market surveys were conducted and a turbo-prop was felt as the ideal configuration. This period saw the induction of Mr Raj Mahindra into CAU who was an eminent aeronautical engineer at HAL. Prof. Roddam Narasimha, the then Director (1984-1993) of NAL asked to Dr K Y Yegnanarayan to head the project. This was the beginning of the realization of the dream.The second phase of this DVD presentation (b) Struggle, Turning Point – 1995 – 2000 describes the formation of the NAL Civil Aviation Unit in 1990. Preparation of the NAL-LTA SARAS Report. Design studies on SARAS. Initial possibility of collaboration with Russia as SARAS-Duet. Procurement of the CATIA Software. Recognition given by DGCA for NAL as the Centre for Civil Aircraft Design and Development. Changes at the top. Dr R A Mashelkar as the DG-CSIR (1995). Thrust to the SARAS programme by Dr T S Prahlad (1996) who pushed the programme a great deal. Turning point in 1997-1998 with formation of the Technology Development Board. Visit of Hon’ble Minister Mr Murali Manohar Joshi to NAL. June 1999 was a historical landmark as the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs formally cleared the SARAS programme. HAL joined as the production partner. DST-TDB released 65 crores for the project. Remaining funds came from CSIR/HAL/MCA. The next section of the presentation (c) Ready to Fly 2000-2003 showcases the amount of RD activity at NAL for this programme. More and more partners joined this national initiative. 25 establishments around the country worked as a single integrated unit to realize this dream. Various machining of SARAS parts are also seen in this documentary. This phase also saw frustrations in terms of project delays and cost over runs. Another turning point was the agreement of IAF to test fly SARAS and spare their airspace (ASTE) for all SARAS testing and taxi trials prior to the first experimental flight. Wg. Cdr. P Ashoka of IAF took over as the Chief SARAS Test Flight Director. The SARAS roll-out function took place on on 4 February 2003 with the SARAS Roll-Out. On a cold winter morning the ‘Big Bird’ emerged from the SARAS Hangar amidst pomp and gaiety. Wg. Cdr. Cdr. R S Makker, Wg. Cdr. Malik and Wg. RamaMohan became the main test pilot crew of the SARAS aircraft. This period witnessed significant work on the SARAS Avionics. And, finally, on 16 April 2004, the 1st Low Speed Taxi Trial was conducted on SARAS. The next phase of this documentary highlights the, (d) SARAS First Flight 2004 which took place on 20 May 2004. DGCA formally cleared SARAS for its flight flight. The complete review and briefing team met on 28 May 2004 to chalk out the First Flight programme. On a misty morning on 29 May 2004 at 0820 a.m. SARAS took to the blue Indian skies from runway 27 of the HAL Airport much to the joy of the NAL family and the entire nation. SARAS flew for 25 minutes attaining a max. height of 7000 ft and a max.speed of 250 km/hr. SARAS landed at 08.45, there was jubilation, joy, champagne and the tri-color held very high. Prof. Roddam Narasimha, the chief architect of the programme was overjoyed and said that this event marks a ‘historical landmark in civil aeronautics’.The next phase of the documentary, (e) 7th Flight – 2004 shows a glimpse of the first 7 seven flights of SARAS. SARAS flew on 7 June 2005 and also on 19 July 2005. During its 3rd experimental flight, for the first time the under-carriage of SARAS was retracted. The next phase of the documentary captures the most glorious moment in the Indian civil aviation history. (f) SARAS First Inaugural Flight 22 August 2004. Amidst a huge gathering which included the Honb’le Minister Sri Kapil Sibal, Dr R A Mashelkar, Prof.Narasimha, Dr TS Prahlad and the entire CAU and NAL fraternity SARAS made its first inaugural flight. The last section of the documentary covers the (g) Future Markets (2005) and the future of the SARAS programme which lies ahead of NAL.
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